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A Farty Thanks

Well, that was a blast. We'd like to thank everyone who attended Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was the first year of our new show (the 7th year at the Fringe in total) and we introduced two new characters to Wiffyville – Prentiss the Plumber and Rat Atat – who joined regulars Steve the Werewolf, FAQ and The Bearded Witch.

The response was overwhelming including a number of very positive reviews.

All Edinburgh Theatre ★ ★ ★ ★ Review

Review collage

An excellent ★ ★ ★ ★ Review from All Edinburgh Theatre

August 8, 2019

★★★★☆    Whiffy

Young Critics Scheme Le Monde (Venue 47): Fri 2 – Mon 12 Aug 2019 Review by Layza Venancio Mirhadi

Princess Pumpalot returns to the fringe for a short run at Le Monde, in a new story by Robyn Mitchell, set in a mystical version of Edinburgh.

Primary Times Children's Choice Awards Review

Rat-A-Tat on stage

Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt. Reviewed on 4th August 2019.

We're Up and Farting

On stage at le Monde

It's great to have our new show - Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt - up and running. It's always an exciting time to see a new production take shape AND what a positive intial response we've have had to our new adventure. 

"Lots of silly fun for an hour, with enough asides to the adults to keep it fresh". Sam Moore

"A lovely mid-morning show for any family with little ones who appreciate smelly jokes and giggles". All Edinburgh Theatre

A Real ★★★★★ Review

note handed to Gillian

We love this.

After one  of the 2019 Princess Pumpalot stage shows this note was handed to Princess Pumpalot (Gillian Goupillot) by a young girl.

Very good show.

Loved the farting.

Some very inspiring farts.


Absolutely tremendous to get this note.  THANK YOU.




Media Farting

Andrew as Guffy in newspaper

A nice wee article in the i Newspaper about our Edinburgh Festival Fringe show - Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt.

Here's what they said:

A Distant Relative of the Ghostly Farting Monk

Josh with sign Victoria Street

This is Joshua (a very distant relative of the Ghostly Farting Monk) out on the #Edinburgh streets promoting our #Fart2019 #Edfringe show.

This year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe show is a NEW production entitled 'Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt'. This new-fangled adventure will introduce new characters (Prentiss the Plumber and Rat-Atat) to the Kingdom of Wiffyville but will also include some old  favourites (FAQ, Steve The Werewolf and The Bearded Witch). Once again this will be a fast-paced fun-packed show for all the family.

Lure the Ghost with a Fish

lure the ghost fish

This well-known secret poem is the way to catch a ghost in Wiffyville.

  Lure the ghost with a fish

  and the ghost you'll get

  Distract the ghost with a dish

  Catch it in a net

To find out more come to our Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. 'Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt'.

More details and TICKETS.

Edinburgh Fringe Programme Entry.

Fringe programme entry for 2019

The 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme has arrived in Wiffyville. 

Our latest show - Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt - is listed on page 45 of the progamme. #Fart2019

Tickets available here:

Flyers Fly Into Wiffyville

Box of Princess Pumpalot flyers

The flyers have arrived for "Princess Pumpalot: The  Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt". This year we have a newly written show for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Only 9 dates available!



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