A Farty Thanks

Well, that was a blast. We'd like to thank everyone who attended Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was the first year of our new show (the 7th year at the Fringe in total) and we introduced two new characters to Wiffyville – Prentiss the Plumber and Rat Atat – who joined regulars Steve the Werewolf, FAQ and The Bearded Witch.

The response was overwhelming including a number of very positive reviews.

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We'd like to send thanks to actors Gillian Goupillot (Princess Pumpalot), Arron Usher (Guffy), Robin Mitchell (The Others), Liam Rudden (Director) and Sabina Smith (Stage Manager).

So the Wiffyville Edinburgh Fringe performance statistics to date look like this - 114 Performances, 19 Actors, 7 Festivals, 4 Venues, 3 Shows, 1 Director ... and a giraffe. That's mighty impressive. More exciting news coming in #Fart2020

Meantime, if you've purchased a copy of one of the Princess Pumpalot books and wish to be added to the pose album, please email Robin Mitchell a copy of your 'posing photo' (robin@cadies.co.uk) and we'll add it to the 'Pumpy Pose Album' for posterity.

You can see the whole collection Here On Flickr.