Wiffyville is home to an extraordinary collection of funny, farty folk. Let's meet some of them!

Princess PumpalotPrincess Pumpalot

Princess Pumpalot is the Farting Princess. It’s her job to protect Wiffyville Castle from invasions and attacks, especially from their biggest enemies, the Low-Flying Gnomes. The Princess plays rugby for the Royal team and is best friends with Guffy.


Guffy is Princess Pumpalot’s servant and best friend. He’s always (well almost always) by her side. He plays scrum-half in the Royal rugby team and is most likely their best player. Guffy is the sort of boy who gets on with everyone (well almost everyone).

The King and Queen (with mouse)The King

The King of Wiffyville is a kind considerate soul if a little laid back. He likes nothing more than a plate of cheese and biscuits. He is immensely proud of his daughter's skills on the rugby field, much to the displeasure of his wife the Queen.

The Queen

The Queen is horrified Princess Pumpalot plays rugby. The Queen is horrified Princess Pumpalot is friends with the lowly servant, Guffy. The Queen is horrified by lots of things. She likes order and tradition and lacks a sense of humour.

Geoffrey the GiraffeGeoffrey the Giraffe

Geoffrey the Giraffe is a lookout at Wiffyville Castle. He’s employed to watch out for Low-Flying Gnomes. Originally taken on to act as the King’s butler, it soon became apparent that carrying trays was something he’d have difficulty with. Geoffrey has a soft spot for Italy and is presently learning Italian.

FAQ (FAK for short)FAQ

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or FAK for short is the all-knowing ghost living in the Castle dungeon. If you have a problem, ask FAK. If you have a question about anything, ask FAK. First employed by the King’s ancestors 400 years earlier, FAK is the voice of knowledge in Wiffyville.

Prince Niceavia and Prince NastaviaPrince Nastavia

Prince Nastavia is not a very nice Prince. He likes nothing more than making money. He recently bought a row of picturesque cottages in Wiffyville and knocked them all down. He replaced the cottages with modern bungalows as they’d make him more money in the rental market. His brother is Prince Niceavia who is much nicer.

Prince Niceavia

Prince Niceavia is a nice Prince. He is very fond of Princess Pumpalot and is keen to ask her to the Royal Birthday Ball. Unfortunately he’s also very shy and doesn’t know how to ask her. Prince Niceavia spends his time sketching and painting. He recently had an exhibition of his work in the Wiffyville Library.

Low-Flying GnomeLow-Flying Gnomes

Low-Flying Gnomes are . . . low-flying and look a little like gnomes. They are Wiffyville’s biggest enemy having always wanted to take over Wiffyville Castle but failed. They live on Jimmy’s Hill which is situated between Emily Hill and Genny Hill.

Cookie CrumbleCookie Crumble

Cookie Crumble is the Wiffyville castle cook. Most of the dishes he prepares for the Royal Household have one main ingredient – beans. Cookie is charged with looking after Princess Pumpalot and Guffy when the King and Queen go away on holiday. He's known to help out Princess Pumpalot and Guffy when they 'perform' their various improvised radio plays.

Malcolm MummyMalcolm Mummy

Malcolm Mummy runs a Hardware store in Wiffyville village. He sells all sorts of items including nails, screws, keys, chains, hinges, locks, paint pots, brushes, buckets and magnets. Malcolm used to run a stall in an outdoor market in Trumpington. He's a seasoned trader and so drives a hard bargain.


Mole is just called Mole. He doesn't have any other name. Mole is a strong, tall (6 foot) silent type who loves nothing more than reciting poetry. When performing poems out loud he always adopts an elaborate 'poetry stance'. Mole is here one minute and gone the next as he has the impressive habit of disappearing into the ground like a human drill.

Werewolf SteveWerewolf Steve

Werewolf Steve is the curator of Wiffyville Gallery of Modern Art or as he sometimes calls it The Modern Fart Gallery. Recent acquisitions for the gallery include the paintings 'Shoe' by Alan Trumper and 'Storm' by Gail Windham. Although Steve has a great command of the English accent he howls a lot as he seems to think people expect it.

PrisonerThe Prisoner

The Prisoner is NOT a Prisoner. He is a member of NAA which is the National Arrow Association and loves dancing. Although his outfit resembles a stereotypical prisoner's outfit from a 1930s Hollywood movie, the Prisoner insists fervently he is NOT a Prisoner.

Bearded WitchThe Bearded Witch

The Bearded Witch is a witch with a beard. She lives in a cave on the outskirts of Wiffyville. For many years she had a habit of cursing people although a number of her curses have either expired or haven't worked. You always know when the Bearded Witch is nearby as she has a high-pitched cackling voice which echoes and echoes and echoes...