REVIEW: Princess Pumpalot The Radio Show - Live on Stage!

Production Shot Princess Pumpalot Show

What a great review by Primary Times of our 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production of Princess Pumpalot The Radio Show - Live on Stage!

Princess Pumpalot and her friend Guffy need to find the missing super- farting bean, and the King and Queen have gone on holiday while this disaster has unfolded. They need to find the bean and destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands. Prince Nastavia wants the bean and plots to find it because he thinks it will give him untold powers.

This show is full of fun and chaos and is done in a mild style of a pantomime which has lots of interaction with the audience. The kids loved it, the jokes were pitched just right and had the kids howling with laughter at farting jokes, it's not surprising all my sons quotes are about farting. There is some jokes for adults and lots of song and funny dancing. The show is also told like they are doing it live on the Radio.

I loved watching my son laughing his head off and looking to me for assurance that it was ok to laugh at the farty jokes, quite a good release for kids actually. The author also stars in the show and there is an opportunity to buy his book afterwards A good show go and see it.

Our young reviewer said:

I thought the play was fun. My favourite bit was when the bad guy ate the super farting bean and blasted off to space. It was funny when Princess Pumpalot ate the green farting bean. It would be funny if they planted the purple farting bean. I loved him saying 'sweet -fart'.

Reviewer: Jeni MacKay - 12th August, 2016.

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