The Making Of Wiffyville

props for the show

The Production Designer on Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess show is Andrew T. Henderson.

For our stage show, Andrew has constructed a 9-foot giraffe puppet, a full-sized magic bean cabinet, two Royal thrones, a Low-Flying Gnome flying pack and made a number of smaller props including Royal smartphones and Royal crowns.

If those weren't enough strings to Andrew's bow, he also appears in the 2015 stage show as 'The Voice of Geoffrey The Giraffe' and as the 'Leader of the Low-Flying Gnomes'. More details about the cast can be found HERE.

Andrew is a partner  in 'The Omnishambles' who describe themselves as the makers of hand-made toys, props, curiosities and pretty things to wear. Brought to you by one genius, mad scientist graver. They have a Facebook page which you can visit HERE.

Tickets for 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Show can be purchased HERE.