Primary Times - Review of Princess Pumpalot (2014)

This article relates to the following productions of Princess Pumpalot
2014 Edinburgh Fringe
Guffy and Princess Pumpalot

We join Princess Pumpalot on her 16th birthday when she discovers she needs to find the magic beans so she can protect the castle from the gnomes and what better way to do this than with farts.

This show follows a pantomime like style encouraging lots of audience participation which was great for keeping young attention spans entertained. It was well and enthusiastically acted and they made a great use of the theatre entering and exiting via the side doors. From a grown-up perspective the majority of the humour revolved around one joke but as my children seem to find this subject endlessly amusing they found this hilarious. Also my son’s face when it was his turn to stand up and try to fart to defeat the gnomes more than overcame this. My daughter loved the surprisingly realistic giraffe. There is a lovely touch at the end after the show where you can meet the princess which completed my children’s enjoyment.