Audience Reviews - Princess Pumpalot 2014

This article relates to the following productions of Princess Pumpalot
2014 Edinburgh Fringe
Lindsey Eddie and Donna


Brilliant show for young children - and adults! My four year olds laughed the whole way through at fart jokes and enjoyed the audience participation that is similar to that of a traditional pantomime. The cast were excellent and we appreciated the Princess coming out to have her photo taken in the foyer at the end. Highly recommend!


It's hard to judge children's shows as an adult, all you have to go on is the reaction of the kids. With this one, apparently, it's a resounding success. Laughing throughout, pretend farting a bit too much for my liking and enjoying the silliness, which is all part of the show. As an adult I can tell you that this show has a cast that do their roles well, don't over do the "playing to the adults" stuff, and make the hour go by happily and you just get swept along by the enjoyment of youngsters. 5 stars (though they'd want farts)


Back over to Edinburgh today to take in a rather high brow, contemporary play at the festival. All about a fictitious Royal Family with a kind of dysfunctional Princess daughter. Won't give too much of the plot away as this may spoil the fun of the twist at the end......not quite Harold Pinter, or the suspense of Agatha Christie, but well worth taking this in if you get the chance (we even got to meet the cast at the end, and I had the pleasure of getting a huge hug from The Queen aka Donna Hazelton. Princess Pumpalot......... IT ROCKS!