Meet Princess Pumpalot

This article relates to the following productions of Princess Pumpalot
2014 Edinburgh Fringe
Lindsey Lee as Princess Pumpalot

We are delighted to reveal the new Princess Pumpalot. It's a little like the new Dr Who, except it's Princess Pumpalot.

The brand new Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess (circa 2014) is Lindsey Lee Wilson.

Lindsey Lee trained in acting at the Arts Educational Schools, London. Her first television job on graduating was Eastenders, followed by her theatrical debut on London's West End with the Soho Theatre Company.

She has appeared in a number of theatre productions including Ruth in Seven (Birmingham Repertory Company), Dierdre in Bold Girls (Rapture), Jan in Marilyn Painted Pictures (Spartaki) and Barbara Cahoun in The Happiest Days of Our Life (Windsor Theatre Royal).

Her TV credits include Lizzie in Garrow's Law (BBC/Shed Productions), Dr McLeod in River City (BBC), Sandra Mailer in Taggart (STV), Tanya in Rockface (BBC) and Ann in Eastenders (BBC).

Lindsey Lee is looking forward to farting on a daily basis (apart from 12th August) at The New Town Theatre.