Arabic Translation

Delighted to annouce the book is to be translated into Arabic.

The book will be translated by Filmmaker Yasmin Fedda who said, “I attended the Fringe show and was very impressed by the performance. The story has a real mix of theatre and pantomime. When I told friends and family about it they couldn't stop laughing! Farting is the same in any language! I’m sure the story will be well received in the Arab world.” 

Robin previously worked with Yasmin Fedda on the documentary films, Breadmakers (2007) and A Tale of Two Syrias (2012). “I’m pleased Yasmin wants to get involved. I’ve worked with her before and she’s a joy to work with. Not that I’ll have much say in the Arabic translation, although I believe “Amira Um al Fass” roughly translated means ‘Princess: The Mother of Farts’.” said Robin.