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2013 Edinburgh Fringe
Princess Pumpalot cast photo (copyright 2013 Edinburgh Evening News)

This item appeared as "Picture of the Day" in the print edition of the Edinburgh Evening News on 24th July 2013 (reproduced with permission):

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Wind in the Willows?

The cast of Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess took a break from rehearsals to enjoy the summer in Leith Links. The new children’s show by Robin Mitchell, of the city’s Cadies Tours, runs at the Assembly Rooms on George Street from August 2-25.

Having fun in the sun were Niloo-Far Khan as Princess Pumpalot, Arron Usher as Guffy, Donna Hazelton as The Queen, Edward Cory as The King, Matt Robertson as Prince Niceavia and Brett Herriot as Prince Nastavia.